To the White Man who is no longer a part of the conversation:

I bet it hurts you, doesn’t it?

To think that there is something

in this world which does not

revolve around you

it must shock you to think that

though the Fuckery stemmed from you
you are no longer a factor in this equation

I’ve cancelled you out

Smudged the edges of

my apartment and

ushered the toxicity

which is your imprint

upon my flesh

out of the building
you are hereby dismissed
do not think for one moment

I am sorry to see you go

you who have fetishized

raped and abused me

crawled between my

bones and my flesh and

leaked out your poison
What really gets me is

you’re convinced it is love
your smugness is nauseating

your certainty preposterous

yet you stay firmly planted

rooted in the rewritten history

you believe is your truth

your blindness is appalling

your presence is threatening
it is time for you

to exit the conversation.